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Field Status Page for Weekend Play

  • The purpose of the FSP is to secure the participating public's help to ensure the quality and longevity of Vancouver Park Board Grass Play Fields.
  • All grass fields are reviewed by field maintenance staff to determine repairs, playability and closures.
  • This page is updated Friday by 1:00 pm to be as up to date as possible for weekend play.
  • Updated Closure information is also available by phone at: 604-473-6206 after 1:00 pm on Fridays.


  • Only "Closed" fields will appear on this schedule.
  • "Closed" means no play to be scheduled regardless of sport or age group until the closure is lifted.

User Discretion

If a field does not appear on this schedule then it is deemed to be "User Discretion".

User Discretion means Sport Associations have greater responsibility in deciding to play or not play a field. Greater "discretion" under certain conditions, is given to the play of children under the age of 11, provided it does not damage the playing field.

Grass Fields should never be played under the following conditions:
  • Field is listed as Closed.
  • Any element exists which could jeopardize the safety of participants.
  • During heavy rain or the field is already water saturated from previous precipitation.
  • Standing water (anywhere) or large muddy areas present.
  • Frost or frozen areas.

If you have any questions regarding the FSP or to report damage, abuse or vandalism call: 604-257-8489.

The Park Board has charged user groups for extensive damage caused by ignoring the above criteria. In addition, if your home field is damaged as a result of playing during inclement weather, the Park Board may not be able to provide an alternative facility.

It is in everyone's best interest to ensure that fields are not used when conditions are unfavorable or play damages the playing surface.

Feb 4 2016
VPB recommends that Field User Groups assess their locations before playing.
GRASS FIELDS: In the event of rain, grass fields which are water saturated, have standing water, or large muddy areas on the playing surface, should not be played on. Grass Fields that are frozen, have snow or heavy frost on them, should not be played until surface conditions have thawed and drained.

SYNTHETIC TURF FIELDS: Should not be played if there is snow present on the field. The field becomes slippery and therefore hazardous. SNOW REMOVAL CAN DAMAGE THE FIELD AND SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED.
There is also the possibility that Synthetic Turf Fields can be covered in frost or possibly flooded with water.
It is "Users Discretion" to determine if the facility is suitable for play at that particular time.
If you have any questions please call 604-257-8489 or 604-257-8624 or after business hours, 311.

Thank you
Fields closed for the weekend of Feb 13, 2016 – Feb 14, 2016
Park Name Site Area Status Notes
Adanac Park Summer Closed Summer East West Configuration 1 Field
Brockton Lower Closed Cricket Only
Brockton SW Closed
Brockton Upper Closed Cricket Only
Brockton Oval Oval Closed
David Lam Park C Closed
Hastings Community E Closed Ball Diamond
Jericho Beach Park E Closed
Musqueam Park E Closed Summer Field
Musqueam Park W Closed Summer Field
New Brighton Park N Closed Summer Field
Prince Edward Park C Closed Summer Field
Prince of Wales Park C Closed Summer Field
Strathcona Park Oval Closed Summer Field