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Fraserview Golf Course

7800 Vivian Drive
(@ E 54th Avenue)


84.34 hectares

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Kerr Road @13th hole Dawn to Dusk Dawn to Dusk

About the Park
Apart from offering fine rolling greens, Fraserview Golf Course also offers a winding perimeter path. Nearly 4 km long, the path is a pleasant walk with a variety of views. Native trees and shimmering ponds augment a space that is scenic both inside and out.

Part of this property was originally a military grant to William Henry Rowlings and he established a grape farm (vineyard) there in the late 1880s. Then, in the early 1900s, the municipality of South Vancouver incorporated the area into its boundaries. Before the amalgamation in 1929, when all the municipalities came to together as one City of Vancouver, the site was known as Willingdon Park, named for Lord Willingdon who was Governor General of Canada from 1920-1926. By now, a park of the Park Board system, the first phase of golf course got underway in 1930 with “relief” workers, a euphemism for the unemployed single men of the Depression Years. For four years 600 construction workers, averaging 50 workers a day, built the first nine holes of the course. Since relief workers were paid from Federal coffers, this relieved much of the expense of such a major landscape operation for the Park Board.

The first nine holes were designed by Major H. L. McPherson, who was also responsible for the University of British Columbia’s links. After some political haggling between the Park Board and City Council about financing, the first nine holes were officially opened in June 1934 at a final construction cost of just over $150,000. An immediate start to the remaining nine holes was now in the works. At this point the links were known as the Fraser Golf Course although A. A. Fraser, once the owner of an auto court on the property, had suggested “Fraserview” as a more appropriate moniker.

Lack of finances during the depths of the depression delayed the construction of the remaining nine holes until the official opening in May 1938 with a clubhouse following several months later. A recurring problem for golf course management was the owner of several private lots and a house in the middle of the fairways. A Mr. Kerslake was the owner but he refused to sell his property until 1943 after which more work was undertaken to justify fairways around this former abode.

On December 13, 1943 the Park Board resolved to change the name to the Fraserview Golf Course after reporting much public confusion with golfers who were assuming the course was on Fraser Street.

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